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GOD's  spiritual gifts to  James 

         James Ronald  Gusman's family

        (German & Spanish genetics)

 all  from  generations of Pastors , Preachers &  Teachers for the Lord GOD almighty. 

James was chosen at an early age to serve our lord,  and has been ordained , trained  & anointed by the Holy Spirit , biblical degree, pastoral degree  , certified &  licensed  in the    state of Idaho.

James has been an associate pastor for over 9 years,  Professional Prophetic  Counsellor- life coach for all ages- young to old , individual to marriage of couples.   

 James has been chosen by GOD  to serve as a director for the Alliance  Church of USA for 7 years ,  as of   JULY , 2014  was  appointed as the Vice President  and recently since the death of the president May 2016   , he is now the president  for  the Alliance  Spanish  of USA .    

God's plan for  USA  Alliance 

JAMES RONALD GUSMAN married  to his chosen wife  from GOD,    DEANNE MARIE GUSMAN ,   joined in union to become ONE in Jesus  , celebrating   & working both towards the kingdoms work, the Lord has  guided , instructed , leading them both to  his victory in all things.    They married December 22, 2014   Prophetic  Jewish style  ceremony

biblical , filled with the Holy Spirit.     Deanne has been trained and prepared by  GOD to become  James mate until ETERNITY  WITH OUR LORD 

The Lord showed me as I was sketching, your husband with a silver trumpet in hand and you by his side. You were both at the beginning, at the shores of something huge that is about to take place in your lives. The ocean parted and you guys were walking on dry ground. the waves that mounted up on the sides were actually angels. They were all kneeling, bowing down as both of you walked by. Above the wave were two angels blowing trumpets, as to make an announcement that resounded in the heavens that here walks a prophet of God (  seeing  multitudes of angels in the background). Also, the hand of God appeared with a small vial of oil, as he poured out upon both of you. Very, very, powerful for both of you, a mighty move of God. Do you believe this? If so put on your outer garments and eat with hastye the Lamb that was slain for both of you and drink his blood. And move in this paradigm shift that is about to take place in your lives. Never looking back, moving forward at an accelerated pace. Get ready, get ready for when this falls upon you, you will have no time to go back and take care of even your loved ones (listen here, pray here, understand here). Consecrate your lives, fast and pray without ceasing. Ask God for clarity for we only see in part. Blessings.

                                                   Fisherman  for lost souls

  Matthew 4:19   He said to them, "Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men."

            James  Ronald Gusman  

  in this  generation -          chosen by GOD

       has the spiritual gifts , mantles & of 

      the   chosen  vessels  :  

                        BILLY  SUNDAY    

               SMITH WIGGLESWORTH                                  KATHERINE KUHLMAN   


God's  gift of Marriage 

God's  family 

God speaks to James  to tell you what Gods message is (within seconds)... God speaks thru James  as the mouthpiece trumpet of GOD..  ( both are the Prophet )   God has also given  the gift to James of the powerful anointing - he  walks in the supernatural, to break the yokes , chains, curses, demonic oppression  , healing  & restoration , demonic possession, deliverences , addictions  and much more.. ( in person or on our newest media venture of skype revival services  !) this rare and one of a kind anointing is from the lord GOD almighty!   James also has the  Evangelist gift to Preach , Teach  and is a Professional  Prophetic Counseller -Life coach  &  Marriage counsellor  for the last 13 years.

                                                  PROPHETIC  EVANGELIST 


                                                                   SIGNS  * WONDERS  * MIRACLES 

                                                                     Prophetic Evangelist to Nations 

                                                                                  WORLD WIDE
                                                     Revivals : Travel & Skype      Revivals/Cruisades 
                                        ( Medical emergencies skype / phone) 
                                                  Prophetic Counselling all ages (skype audio/phone)
                                                Holy Spirit lead   "Bible -study- preaching - teaching "

                                                                Deliverence - Restoration - Healing 

                                                              Healing ministry     *   5 fold ministry  


                                                                 obedience & sacrifice   glory to 

                            the  LORD GOD ALMIGHTY  ( front line soldier for JESUS CHRIST )