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I would like to refer to you my wonderful counsellor: James R. Gusman- Prophet & Evangelist.
James is an amazing Counsellor!! After following James direction, and learning how to make God first in my life the blessings have been coming in.
He is a true man of God. And his authority in God is powerful. He's been breaking chains and pains from my life. Guiding and directing me toward my destiny. And showing me how to live so l may be blessed and have the communion with God that gives peace beyond understanding.
In following his instruction and God’s word to him, I've been getting turn-around in some important areas in my life. I'm beginning to hear God’s voice and follow his lead. And rest my head knowing God is with me and loves me. And the wonderful thing is I'm beginning to love and trust God. I wish that for everyone. I have never met anyone of counsellor with the love of Jesus in his heart like James. He will do all in his power to help you. He is an amazing shepard who cares greatly for and gives his best to all those who come to him. And he will do the same for you.
Ellicia C

Professional  counselling for  individual  or  couples in marriage,   all ages - children to adults.     Prophetic  - Holy Spirit leads to break chains,  addictions,  depression, demons  of all kinds that cause discord, to help the unity  of the relationship with Jesus Christ,  individually   or as a couple  within the union  of the  '3'   Jesus  Man Woman.

               Telephone - Skype or phone  counselling  is  available worldwide. 

"Fast results" due to the breaking of the  anointing of the yokes. 


 Prophetic  counselling  *   Licensed Ordained   Minister  fees  are  minimal  $50 a hour :  donated   here on website for services  rendered ,   be blessed & healed by the Holy Spirit  led ....Praise GOD