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​            SKYPE Revival services  - 'NEW'   1ST IN THE WORLD!!!!!!

    POWERFUL  ANOINTING   THRU SKYPE   media technology  for   ( smaller churches / congregations  )  to be able to reach the world     with less travel expenses & costs   to help you 


                             ALL THE GLORY TO  OUR LORD JESUS                                      ~

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            Travel  & skype  Revivals                           WORLDWIDE TO NATIONS          

                                 REVIVALS  TO THE NATIONS  

                        Revive the people of  God....    restore &  deliver & heal

              from all sin - traps of bondages *  fear * doubt * sickness & disease
              for unsaved  souls &  backslidden :   sisters & brothers of CHRIST..     

                           " Waken "  the souls to uplift & preach the gospel
                                     Receive the anointing from the prayers.