If you are looking for a resource that will plunge you deeper into your intimacy with Christ, Come Walk With Me is the devotion you most assuredly want to add to your library. Filled with personal testimonies as well as encouraging inspiration, this book offers relevant, applicable illustrations to apply God's word in everyday life. Brad McGill pens an inspiring devotional that will give you a glimpse of the benefits of walking daily and drawing moment by moment closer to the Savior. The author illustrates how the Lord speaks to us continually through every day life and if we are paying attention,we will see how intimately the hand of God walks with us. It is my prayer that this devotion will help you center your thoughts and heart on the living God so you can be attentive to His voice as He speaks to you throughout the day.

It is Brad's wish as you lay your head to slumber may you sense the warm breath of the Holy Spirit carrying you high above the mountains, far off the beaches of the rolling sea and all the way to heaven where God waits for you and me.

What others are saying:

Your words exude passion for Jesus. They point you to the cross which will inspire, encourage and lift you up. They will show you what's missing in your life. Brad's unique writing style warns of the evil one and how to defeat him. This devotion is a must read.

God really has given you wisdom with words. You are an instrument of God to bring a word of faith, courage and encouragement to people throughout the world. Jesus is the remedy that mankind needs and God has used you to send this medicine to those who are ill with the soul.

As always your words are written with the pen of Christ and the Spirit of truth which makes your writing so compelling.

Thanks so much for your encouraging and inspiring words... You lifted and encouraged my heart and spirit today. Thank You for being sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is saying. This book ministered deeply to my heart.

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Luis Lopez was taken from his body for 25 minutes. He faced a visit from satan and was
guided by the Holy Spirit. He was taken to the third heaven in spirit and saw the Lord
seated on His throne. He has written this book to relay the message the Lord placed in his
spirit—a call to repentance for the Body of Christ.
This book will encourage many to become more intimate with God, building a stronger
relationship with Him. Repentance will prepare the way for the return of Christ!
You will learn:
How to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit
How to have a more intimate and deeper love for God
To see yourself from the perspective in holiness
To see the schemes of the enemy and avoid his traps
To be aware of the devil when operating in the lives of others

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