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 Brother that  was bound to religion, couldn't talk  -speech impedement, for most of his life,  crippled with hunchback , feet deformed, suicidal,  was touched by GOD  with the Holy Spirit , thru James and is now  talking,  singing, preaching  born again and saved by our lord Jesus CHRIST.  Praise the lord  

 Young man age 20  was in hospital  , coma  to death,   Jesus  showed him hell, and  brought him back to life  with James  anointing ,  is now serving the lord with his whole heart...  what a miracle !  PRAISE  the lord!  He will never forget how God saved him and gave him a second chance

 Deliverences & healing of the  ministry  is    restoring hundreds of people  worldwide  with  Medical  Emergencies           Miracles  after  Miracles    

 all the glory to our lord Jesus     !!! Helluliaa  our lord  is so awsome   

Testimonies of  many "lost  souls" that have  come to CHRIST  Salvation  by Holy Spirit  using  thru  James...  

Little baby Hannah was doing everything trying to live but that evil of death was all around. We were  not accepting it,  our faith started weakening , I turned to Deanne , James  partner , she led  me to James ,  their faith was so amazingly & strong,  they prayed off the evil  demon that was attacking our baby Hannah . God used  James & Deanne ,  I am so very thankful for that. We have our baby Hannah  back,  and she's healthy and alive  praise God.


Sister #1 - 51 year old woman,    had a wobble  walk - bit of issues with joints and left leg that was longer than the  right leg , ... one day James used by GOD , the holy spirit told him to pray  and it touched her  with the power & prayer ,  the shorter right leg grew to catch up with the left leg.. it is completely  straight and lineup perfectly together, she had a few days to re adjust  to the new walking normal,.One year later still walking normal  her life is never the same.  Praise the lord  !

    Sister #2  was sitting on a chair  and  a man fell down on his chair as he broke the legs on the chair  , fell on her foot and her foot indented severely with 300 pound man landed on her foot,  - broken crushed  bones and very painful.... within minutes God anointed her for prayer  over the foot thru the holy spirit using  James to heal that foot,   instantly the foot healed back to normal (like something fast forward in a movie) amazing miracle,  without  any indents or any sign of injury...  the pain lifted within minutes afterward,   absolute miracle   with no pain or any broken bones.  Praise the lord ! 

   Hospitals  in IDAHO USA 

 Boise , Caldwell, Nampa Meridian  

   many  souls  sick - near death , that are touched by the Anointing of the lord thru James to get out of severe cases to walk out of the hospital , free of all sickness & disease.    Praise the lord

ROMANS  10 : 9-10

If you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you shall be saved. For with the heart man believes unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 

At one of James  Revivals,    a brother  that had lived in a wheelchair for 35 years, was prayed over and came out of the wheelchair at the revival and  can now  walk again ,  Praise the lord 


  Gods Spiritual Supernatural Holy Power from the Holy Spirit  & Jesus    almighty! 

   Hundreds of saved souls,  healings , deliverances,  miracle after miracle

 of our lord's amazing power given &  gifted to use thru James Ronald Gusman     Ordained Prophet Evangelist    

 PRAISE THE LORD   our  KING OF KINGS   all the glory to Jesus our Savior  , mighty Lord of Lords, ruler of this world!