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Pastor Amado Martinez Perez
was an amazing man of GOD, a sudden- tragic -accidental death in a fire, on March 18  Friday  2016,   he is now with our lord Jesus . 
He was born in Texas, USA.. and has accomplished much for GOD., also worked with the famous Jimmy Swaggart  for many years  ,  many years ago .

Pastor Perez was a giving , sincere , heart of gold, true man of GOD that served the lord with all his heart, helping anyone in need, throughout Idaho  and throughout USA   & the world. 
He was the senior pastor & apostle of Christ Jesus, for the SPANISH PENTECOSTAL CHURCH in Boise , Idaho. Pastor Perez also taught bible studies , trained with the Holy Spirit, taught leadership for ministers, ordained & licensed ministers. 

Pastor Perez raised & trained with bible college , taught James R Gusman, everything he knew thru the Holy Spirit & the Holy word of GOD. Raised up an amazing Prophetic Evangelist James R Gusman, now has been launched to different USA states & Nations. James carries the annointing that Pastor Perez has given him. Pastor Perez also performed his last biblical jewish style wedding -marriage ceremony for Prophetic James R Gusman & Deanne M Gusman, on December 22, 2014 

    Pastor Porez is now with our  amazing  lord  - forever eternity  !  helluiaaaaaaa